The Landmark Entertainment Complex Unveils Three Murals by Local Artist

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Kick off your Thursday morning with sweet treats and street art!

Stop by and celebrate with Mayor Ron Rakowsky as The Landmark Entertainment Complex unveils three custom murals designed by internationally acclaimed street artist and Denver native, Kelsey Montague this Thursday, August 30th at 9:00 a.m. The unveiling will be held in front of one of Kelsey Montague Art’s murals, next to Monk and Mongoose.

Special thanks to Monk & Mongoose Gourmet Coffee for generously providing coffee and pastries for this exciting Meet & Greet with the mayor and the artist behind the worldwide #WhatLiftsYou movement.

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August 28, 2018
Contact: Sarah Pollo
Office: 916-410-7506


The Landmark Entertainment Complex Unveils Three Murals by Local Artist

Murals are part of the international #WHATLIFTSYOU movement

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colorado – The Landmark entertainment complex is unveiling three unique murals this Thursday August 30 at 9:00am with world-renown artist and Denver native Kelsey Montague. Kelsey Montague Art is an internationally known street muralist behind the #WHATLIFTSYOU wings social media movement.

“I am thrilled to host one of Denver’s most influential artists to paint and share her interactive art with the Denver Tech Center community,” said Jack Carroll, principal of The Landmark entertainment complex. “Our community represents technology, innovation, growth and creativity. Because of this, I felt The Landmark at Greenwood Village would be the perfect opportunity for the emerging street digital art experience I have seen sparked by social media in major markets across the US.”

Montague has personally designed and painted three custom murals for the DTC community. “I hope these murals spark joy, excitement and a new desire to fuse social media and art”, said Montague. “Each mural is black and white, so the visitor can be the color that completes it. Denver is my home and its communities and people are important to me. My art at The Landmark includes many symbols of Denver pride.”

Greenwood Village’s Mayor Ron Rakowsky will attend the unveiling and has been an active participant in the community. “I have been volunteering and serving my community for over 15 years and seeing our entertainment center become an art hub is very exciting,” said Ron Rakowsky, mayor of Greenwood Village. “Greenwood Village is an economic and innovative leader in the Denver area where 30% of the GDP for the State of Colorado is generated. These murals are fitting coming from one of Denver’s own artists.”

Since 2014 Montague has been a champion of promoting and appreciating the intersection between art and technology. Her murals provide a way for people to interact with art and share on social media platforms. Carroll believes in Montague’s vision and partnered with Kelsey Montague Art to bring Montague’s fun and engageable murals to one of Denver’s innovative communities.

“I have seen Kelsey Montague’s artwork flourish while traveling and thought her #WhatLiftsUs social media movement would be great to bring to The Landmark & Greenwood Village,” said Carroll.

The Landmark is a mixed-use entertainment complex and gathering place offering entertainment, dining, residential, fitness, beauty and health services.

The unveiling will be held in front of one of Kelsey Montague Art’s murals, next to Monk and Mongoose, which will be providing coffee and pastries for the event.

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