Row House

Row House at The Landmark in Greenwood Village is revolutionizing the way people think about indoor rowing. Since 2014, co-founders and husband and wife team, Eric Von Frohlich and Debra Strougo have been giving people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and varying fitness levels an efficient and effective way to work out together.

At Row House, you get more than just results, you have an experience. With the lights down low and the music up high, everyone rows in-sync to create an immersive event that transcends a typical trip to the gym. It’s just you, your crew, your goals and at the end, your accomplishments.

Build aerobic endurance and muscular strength in a rewarding, 45-minute rowing experience. Classes combine resistance training, rowing and stretching for a full body, low-impact cardio workout that works. Rowing maximizes lasting results by engaging over 85% of your body’s muscles, including the legs, core, arms and back.

See your progress, results and continue striving with the ongoing feedback provided by your erg, or indoor rowing machine. Each machine is calibrated to measure the amount of energy you exert throughout class. Optimize your performance with each stroke, set goals and accomplish them quickly with real-time feedback.

Six different class types let you choose the best focus and programming that works for you. Avoid frustrating plateaus by progressing throughout the week and as you continue to move closer to your goals. 

House: Flow through a series of functional floor-based movements in-between rowing intervals.

Body: Sculpt, shred and tone your body by alternating rowing and strength-building dumbbell exercises. 

Full Row: Burn calories, strengthen your body and pack in those meters with endurance-based interval rowing.

Power: Challenge your aerobic threshold with high-energy music and bursts of internal training on and off the rowing machine.

Restore: Improve mobility and build your core through a series of dynamic stretches in-between rowing.

Stroke: Master the proper rowing form and technique to hone your workout and take rowing to the next level.

With over 250 locations slated to open throughout the U.S. and Canada, Row House has taken the rowing machine out of the corner and put it front and center in your workout. Join us for group fitness with a purpose and get the results you want – there’s a seat for everyone!

Come see us at The Landmark and use rowing to accomplish your goals.

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